Binary Fission

Johann Malt was the captain of the 2nd Colonizer Fleet. And he had his own plans. Ever since the colonizer fleets left the remains of the Trillian Galaxy, he wasn’t pleased at all with the idea of fleeing from Zandagort and his alien race. The key to survival is reproduction. This was the essence of life for 5 billion years. Then why sould we differ? Why not conquer all the galaxies in the universe and simply outnumber the aliens? Exponential growth is already part of our biology and economy. We just simply have to expand it beyond the boundaries of galaxies. If we set off colonizers every few millenia and send them to different galaxies, we could populate the observable universe in just hundred thousand years.

So in 5902 he sabotaged the automatic guidance system of the 2nd Fleet and set up new coordinates. He also adjusted the hibernators so when his fellow officers woke up it was already too late to intervene. Although he was tried and sentenced to death for this deed considered a coup d’├ętat, he died with a smile on his face and a happy thought in his mind that he saved the human race.

In 5947 the 2nd Fleet reached the new galaxy:

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